Jennifer Scott Geldard

Glass Art, Illustration, and Design

           I have been creating Lampwork beads, jewelry and sculpture  since 1994. Primarily self-taught, I learned the basics of bead forming and technique through books and watching over the shoulders of friends. My focus is surface work. I am interested in creating textures and patterns that tend toward a very unglass-like result. I often use chemical etching to further break down the slick surface.

I have recently been experimenting with other medium, and am introducing found and created objects into the mix.


          My illustrations are a new endeavor, and I have been having a lot of fun with them. There is a certain freedom in the medium, after working with such a demanding material for so many years. It is pure joy to be able to express myself with my paint brush.


           Birds are another frequent visitor to my work. I wish I could come up with some sort of profound artistic symbology to explain this avian obsession of mine, but the simple truth is, I like them. They make me happy; I hope my work does the same for you.


          I live in New England with my husband John, and son Max. Thanks for visiting. Peace.  -Jen


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